Learn French through French song

The French variety is known worldwide: Michel Delpech, Barbara, Jacques Brel ... Discover our tips for learning French in music.

Learn and discover French music with the best tools

For a foreigner starting out in French as a foreign language, learning about the French variety can be difficult when you don't know many French artists. Thanks to the Internet, discovering French-speaking artists has never been easier.
In order to get to know this kind of music, YouTube offers a selection of free albums and songs through their automated playlists. With their recommendation system, you will discover several artists at the same time. You will also find videos with song lyrics.

With the application Spotify, you will find classics and lesser-known singers. To register, it's simple: you just have to create a user account and you will have access to a lot of French-speaking titles! It is a good tool to discover a new musical group or a new song that you will like. Spotify is a great app for listening to podcasts and learning vocabulary. You can save it easily, listen to it again but also download it if you want to take its paid version.

Besides useful websites and apps, you can try listening to French radio on the Internet. Nostalgia et Yes FM are good radios for finding a cult piece.

Recommendations from French and French artists

Whether you think it or not, the French language is not content with “La Môme” (Édith Piaf) or previously mentioned artists. The musical style varies according to the singer's generation. Georges Brassens and Charles Trenet were symbols of France during the 40s to 60s, but today rap is becoming popular with Soprano or Bigflo and Oli.

So what are the best songs to learn French? In truth, it depends on your own tastes. Do you prefer more instrumental music? You will no doubt like Renaud's “Mistral Gagnant”, with his moving piano. If you have more rock tastes, you will love Johnny Hallyday's guitar with “Oh Marie” or “Allumer le feu”. And for those who have more pop tastes? The list is long and varied: Stromae with “Papaoutai”, Zazie and “Speed”, Angèle and “Everything forgotten”, Amir and “I searched”…

France is also a country where we do a lot of electronic music. Daft Punk, Justice, David Guetta… They are all French! But if there is a group where you can easily understand the lyrics, it would be Poom. These are two artists who met in an art school. They share the same tastes for the quirky, the unusual.

So why them, and not another group? Their texts are accessible at any level, easy to memorize and you have many songs to choose from. If I were to recommend one, I advise you to listen to both versions of “My Licorne and Me”. It is a song about travel, romance, and surpassing oneself… With a unicorn as guide. You also have “You and me”, which evokes the theme of the fragility of couples. A very French theme, when you think about it!

Playfully improve your oral skills

Knowing a lot of French songs is good, but the best is tolearn the songs… With singing. Singing is the most practical way to practice intonation (and it's a good memory exercise!). Loving to sing is one thing, but if you want to succeed in pronouncing our ambiguous letters, it is the most effective method for perfecting your accent. If you don't like to sing, then why not dance? This will not allow you to improve your oral, but at least you will have enjoyed the French songs.