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You or you ? Let’s talk about tu

Have you been told the difference but you don't always know when to use you or you? Let us unravel together the mysteries of the tu and the vouvoyer.

Nasal vowels in French

Speaking French necessarily implies practicing pronunciation. What could be more frustrating than trying to communicate but that despite all your efforts and your great lexical and grammatical knowledge, you do not manage to be understood ...

The new words of 2020

Do you know the words that appeared in the French dictionary this year? Discover a selection of these terms which have enriched the French language. New words, a reflection of linguistic and cultural evolution Each year,…

The pronunciation of final consonants in French

Should we pronounce them? Are they dumb? Discover everything about the pronunciation of final consonants in French in this article. The phonetics of French, an exact science for the pronunciation of final consonants…

Masculine or feminine ? The genre of names in the French language

An individual but a person? A helmet but a cap? A book or… a book? Do you still struggle with the genre of names in the French language? Review tips to know if it is the masculine…

Poetry in the French as a French language through Jacques Prévert

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Discover the assets of poetry in FLE class through two famous poems by Jacques Prévert. Prévert's poetry: a fun and effective tool for teaching French as a foreign language French cultural heritage abounds…

Pedagogy through play in FLE class

The game in French as a foreign language holds too little defined place in our current society. Yet pedagogy through play generates many advantages in learning a foreign language. It allows, in fact, to encourage ...