Homestay accommodation offers the opportunity to speak French in a relaxed and friendly environment while becoming familiar with local customs and traditions.

We recommend half-board, including breakfast and dinner with your family.

Families undertake to receive only one student of the same mother tongue at a time.
Our reception service knows families well, selected for their hospitality, the comfort of their home and the warm atmosphere.

Our host families are closest to our centers: count 10 to 30 maximum minutes on foot, by public transport or by bike (popular means of transport in La Rochelle) to reach your host family.

If you come by car, please let us know when you register.
Our family accommodation solution is reserved for people over the age of 18. However, minors with parental authorization may also benefit.
If this formula interests you, you must finalize your registration at least 3 weeks before your arrival.

The stay extends from Sunday (arrival in the late afternoon) to Saturday (departure in the morning).
The family takes care of the reception at the station or the airport of La Rochelle.

Words of the Family - Accommodation with a host family

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We welcomed our first au pair in 2018, I had just separated and worked at night, with Lila who was 4 years old and Louiza who was 6 at the epic, a teenage girl in crisis who needed company in the evening , I had to find a solution very quickly and I insisted that my children keep a balanced family environment and that my professional life does not impact them!
And then a friend being a host family introduced me to Tom and since then I am very grateful because my life has literally changed since then, I no longer work at night but I am currently setting up my company and that relieves me in my daily life, and then it also allows me to have moments just for me!
Having an au pair in our home brings us exceptional human wealth, that makes three au pairs now and we have kept in touch with each of them since.
Children are happy to have someone available to play with them, they can do extra-curricular activities without me running out of school while I am on a meeting.
Help in the kitchen from time to time, with a weekly schedule we manage to get along and organize ourselves perfectly, respecting each person's schedule.
A big thank you to Inlingua and especially to Tom for his investment and patience because I have never been disappointed so far, and if one day you read me girls, a big thank you to Carolin, Flora and Lena d ' to have taken care of the girls with perfection!