Covid - Covid: Security measures


Following security measures taken by the French government to deal with the Covid 19 pandemic in March 2020, inlingua La Rochelle closed its doors to the public for three months. Following the deconfinement of the country from May 11, we are delighted to announce our reopening scheduled for June 15, 2020.

The Charente-Maritime department remains one of the least affected by the pandemic in the whole country, and we imagine a resumption of `` normal '' life quite quickly after May 11. However, there will be new instructions to be observed in order to apply social distancing within the inlingua center as well as in public places (public transport, etc.).

We would like to inform you of the security measures that we will take:

class room 1 180x180 - Covid: Security measures


We will only use large rooms in proportion to the number of students to guarantee a distance of approximately 2 meters between each participant.
Our 14 rooms are distributed on the ground floor or upstairs in two blocks of buildings 30 meters apart, we will make sure to use the 2 buildings to space the participants as much as possible.


It will be furnished with sufficiently spaced tables and only one chair per table.

terrace 180x180 - Covid: Security measures
180x180 interview - Covid: Security measures


Cleaning and disinfection will be carried out several times a day for the toilets, doorknobs, coffee machine and water and thoroughly for the entire building each evening.


Gel dispensers will be placed at various locations, particularly near the entrance to the classrooms

Gel 180x180 - Covid: Security measures
180x180 breaks - Covid: Security measures


The different groups will have their breaks staggered in order to avoid too many people crossing each other in the corridors.


The staff will take their temperature every morning when they arrive at the premises, in order to spot any contamination early on. We will invite our students, on a voluntary basis, to also take this temperature measurement.
The reception staff will be protected by a glass, the teachers and employees will be provided with caps with anti-projection visor.

professors 180x180 - Covid: Security measures
staff 180x180 - Covid: Security measures


We will take all measures to isolate a person, whether employed or studying, as soon as they show signs such as regular cough or fever. In this case we will immediately invite him to consult a doctor or a telemedicine center. Each participant must accept this procedure before starting their stay in order to collectively protect the center and its team.
We will offer simple visors to each of our trainees so that they themselves are very well protected, people preferring to wear masks will of course be authorized to do so. It is possible that during the summer the pandemic regressing individual protection measures may be lifted, but at the time of writing, personal protection is compulsory.


La Rochelle, as you probably know, is the French capital of cycling. Nearly 100 km of cycle paths allow fast and safe journeys! We therefore strongly recommend the use of bicycles to get to your accommodation, so you can completely avoid public transport in La Rochelle.
inlingua has several bikes that we offer to make available to students for 20 euros per week, saving you from having to take public transport. Please let us know if you would like to rent a bike before your arrival in La Rochelle.

velo 180x180 - Covid: Security measures