Terms of Sales*

Registration for French as a foreign language courses organized by inlingua implies unreserved acceptance of these General Conditions.

Trainees participating in inlingua courses undertake to follow their course program regularly and to comply with inlingua's internal regulations.


The General Conditions define the obligations of each of the parties and specify the organization of inlingua with the aim of providing the services chosen by the customer.


If, at the time of registration, the participant has not yet reached the age of 18 the contract will be signed by a parent or a legal guardian who will also have to provide full contact information.


inlingua accepts registrations through one of its representatives abroad, on the website or by post.

3.1 Formalities specific to minor customers

Any trainee under the age of 18 at the time of the course must provide, in addition to the documents stipulated in article 2. Participants in junior camps with accommodation must provide a set of documents:

  • The medical liaison form
  • Certificate of fitness to swim
  • Information and rules of life Junior
  • Parental authorization for outings (optional)

3.2 Formalities specific to foreign participants requiring a visa


When the duration of their stay is more than three months, foreign participants outside the European Economic Area are subject to special admission conditions. It is up to the participants to take the necessary steps to obtain their visa. When registering, the student must send us a copy of their valid passport by download.


 3.3 Permanent Registration


Upon receipt of full payment of the course and registration fees, we will send the student:

  • a paid invoice,
  • a registration certificate with the dates of the stay,
  • an invitation letter

These documents are necessary to make the visa application at the French Consulate.

In some cases the consulate may accept payment of 25% of the sums due and in this case full payment will not be required before providing the documents mentioned above. In case of visa refusal, the sums collected will be refunded after deduction of the administrative costs of 140 €.


The amounts billed for the application fees, courses, activities or accommodation must be paid in euros.

Bank charges are always the responsibility of the customer.


The payment of tuition fees and ancillary costs is done:

  • Via Flywire which is specifically developed for international student payments. This service allows payment by bank card or bank transfer. (Visa, Mastercard or Eurocard)
  • By bank transfer to the inlingua account (specify the name of the participant on the transfer).

A deposit of 25% of the total amount due is requested 15 days after the reservation by the client.

The client must pay the full amount due to inlingua at least 4 weeks before the start of the course. If the balance has not been paid before arrival, students are requested to settle any arrears on the first day of the course. The school will produce a clear document indicating the amount due.


A trainee who does not attend his class, has no right to a postponement.

inlingua does not provide French lessons on defined public holidays. Hours not worked due to public holidays are made up on the days preceding or following the public holiday. Participants in Junior Camps will follow a full-day animation or excursion on these days.



By registering remotely for our services, by correspondence or online, you have a right of withdrawal of 14 days. This period runs from the signing of the contract. The customer will notify his right of withdrawal in writing by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by email to the address [email protected]. In the event of withdrawal within this period, inlingua will reimburse all the sums you have paid, at the latest within 14 days of the date on which inlingua was informed of your decision to withdraw.


The participant or his legal representative may, by written letter or by email to the address [email protected], cancel your registration before the start of the course, without having to justify any reason. The cancellation conditions below apply the first working day when we receive the email or the mail.

  • Cancellation more than 30 days before the start of the course

All payments already made to inlingua will be refunded to the customer. If deposits have been made with accommodation providers (residences, hotels or real estate agencies), refunds will be made in accordance with their refund policies. Customers will be informed of this policy at the time of booking.

  • Cancellation 30 to 15 days before the start of the course

Only the registration fees (80 € for adults, 50 € for juniors) and accommodation costs (70 € per person) will be retained, the rest of the amount will be fully refunded to the customer. These fees represent the school preparation efforts for each student. If deposits have been made with accommodation providers (residences, hotels or real estate agencies), refunds will be made in accordance with their refund policies. Customers will be informed of this policy at the time of booking.

  • Cancellation less than 15 days before the start of the course

€ 300 of the total cost of the course will be retained for cancellations less than 15 days before the start of the course for reservations with accommodation, € 150 will be retained for reservations without accommodation. If deposits have been made with accommodation providers (residences, hotels or real estate agencies), refunds will be made in accordance with their refund policies. Customers will be informed of this policy at the time of booking.

Any refunds will be made up to 4 weeks after inlingua has been informed of the cancellation.

Thanks to our personalized accommodation service, it is possible that certain rentals can be booked with one of our partner real estate agencies. In this case, customers are asked to pay the entire rental at least 30 days before their arrival. If the stay is canceled, some agencies do not reimburse the amount to the client. Other agencies, for their part, offer cancellation insurance which guarantees the reimbursement of customers in these specific cases, and some reimburse the total amount. inlingua will provide the necessary information on this subject at the time of booking.

8.1 Cancellation after the start of classes

Adult courses

Once the scheduled course start date has passed, only lessons attended by the client will be taken into account. Registration fees (80 € for adults and 50 € for juniors) and accommodation costs (70 €) will not be reimbursed. Cancellation fees of 20% will be retained on the cost of the courses and the client will be reimbursed the remaining 80% only.

Regarding accommodation, any week started with a host family or in a residence is due. Additional weeks will be reimbursed. For reservations made with external partners (real estate agencies or youth hostels), a refund will be possible in accordance with their cancellation policy.

Junior courses

The organization of junior courses requires significant preparation in terms of recruitment, accommodation and planning of activities. inlingua will have to advance costs to its partners and will have to hire enough group leaders in line with the number of juniors. Consequently, except in cases of force majeure, any cancellation of junior courses once the stay has started will not be refunded to the client.


8.2 Cancellation, postponement and modification of the program on the initiative ofinlingua

In cases of force majeure or unforeseen cancellation of the student's accommodation without any possible alternative, inlingua will offer the client to postpone the courses he had to attend. If the client refuses this offer inlingua reserves the right to cancel the client's stay. In this case, the sums paid by the client for lessons, accommodation and administrative costs will be fully reimbursed. However, if the student is on site, this clause does not apply and inlingua will make sure to find an alternative without financial impact.


inlingua is in no way responsible for accidents, loss or theft of money or personal property, or for damage or injury caused by students to third parties.

inlingua advises to take out travel insurance covering medical costs on site and repatriation. inlingua can optionally provide you with such insurance. Insurance premiums are not included in the accommodation costs, they must be invoiced separately and are not refundable. Parents or legal guardians must ensure that their child registered for Junior Camps has civil liability insurance.


Photos of students taken during lessons or excursions may be used by inlingua for its promotion (brochures, website, social networks, etc.) unless the student or his legal representatives inform us of their refusal in writing.


In the event of fault by the participant in the Internal Regulations of inlingua, the management of inlingua reserves the right to terminate the training of the participant at fault without notice.

Each accommodation formula has rules, in particular for the family stay from which you will receive the applicable rules of good conduct.


A written authorization by the parents or the legal tutor is necessary for any minor student who takes adult courses and who stays in accommodation without supervision. This document must be returned to the person in charge of reservations at the time of registration.


Only French law is applicable to courses provided by inlingua. If a dispute arises from the interpretation or execution of this contract, the La Rochelle Commercial Court will be alone competent to resolve the dispute.


If the host family cancels the student's reception or withdraws from the host family program, inlingua will do everything in its power to offer an alternative solution to the student. If no other solution is possible, inlingua undertakes to reimburse the lessons pro rata.

* This is a computerized translation. Only the French and English versions have legal value.