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inlingua, open all year round, offering courses for young people, students and adults.

The pedagogical activities are organised around 3 phases



The presentation phase is as short as possible.

On this occasion it’s the trainer who presents the new linguistic element to the participants and shows their signification by giving examples of how they are used. The correct pronunciation is also learned.



In the practice phase, the participants repeat and reuse the new element introduced in the presentation phase.The objective is for the participants to use the phrases correctly in question and answer role plays. All mistakes made are corrected.



As soon as the participants have mastered the element or the structure the moment has come for the production phase. The activities give the participants a better control of what they say and how they say it.This permits a more creative use of the language combining the new elements with those already known, to speak about themselves, take part in role plays, expressing their opinions…

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