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inlingua, open all year round, offering courses for young people, students and adults.

At the time of its creation in 1968 inlingua stated, available commercial media did not match its choice of methodology and decided to produce its own material. Since then, the database is constantly being added to, to include over 500 references. 
Video is regularly used as a teaching support. Our participants are filmed during short presentations or visits to their company to create an awareness of both the points that need attention and the progress that has been made.

inlingua OLine (iOL)

inlingua has put its principal supports online in inlingua On LineiOL offers an open and varied environment:



  • Grammar revision and practice exercises
  • Oral comprehension
  • Links to the Press, Web TV and Radio
  • A customizable Avatar which can read any texe 







inlingua La Rochelle has a partnership with SpeedLingua a programme for oral work which will be a very useful supplement to your lessons.
SpeedLingua improves the perception of frequencies of the target language and corrects pronunciation of the learner through numerous exercises of phonetics, listening and repeating.

SpeedLingua is used in the Blended Learning formula, for an optimum mix of time with a trainer and personal oral work.






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