Whatever your level of sailing, set off with young French people for an unforgettable adventure coached by a professional!

Starting from

890 €incl.taxes

I want to learn French effortlessly while enjoying myself! 

inlingua organizes streamed groups of 8 max in order to increase the speaking time of each participant. No more theory, here we SPEAK French !

I want to use every-day French! 

Your French host family and sports lessons will allow you to make new French friends and so speak the language!

I want to make the most of my holidays in France! 

Our summer courses allow a real immersion in France. The formula sport and language will leave you with unforgettable memories of the Ile de Ré

Family program

Family program

Childcare, French lessons or sailling

13 to 17 years old

2 weeks min

Tennis experience required

Accommodation optional

1st to 9th July

One week of french lessons minimum before the tournament

No French lessons during the tournament

Tournament from 8th to 19th July

Tennis Pro
Intensive French lessons followed by participation in official tennis tournaments. Live like a real tennis pro for 2 weeks!


Our Programme: basic level of tennis required!


  • 1 week of French lessons minimum to reach a level of A2
  • Tennis tournament with coaching from 9th to 20th July (No French course during the period of the tournaments)




  • Official tennis tournaments
  • 2 to 3 tournaments per week depending on their results
  • Professional coaching between each match
  • Debriefing after each match
  • Learn about mental and physical techniques and tactics


inlingua Extras

An all-inclusive programme in order to fully concentrate on your game!

Famille- Espagnol

Summer camps Junior

« Je suis extrêmement satisfait des cours de perfectionnement de français suivis par mes petits enfants espagnols en juillet à inlingua La Rochelle. L’accueil y est excellent, les horaires adaptées et l’environnent idéal. L’enseignement dispensé par des professeurs jeunes, dynamiques et expérimentées a donné de très bons résultats pour la 3ème année consécutive. Avec leurs parents, notre intention est de les inscrire en juillet 2018 au programme Junior d’Inlingua La Rochelle pendant 3 semaines pour parfaire leurs connaissances de la langue française dans les meilleures conditions, à la fois utiles et agréables ! »

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