VISA: The formalities before coming 

  • Students outside the EU

The student visa is essential for non-European students coming to study in France. It authorizes you to enter French territory.

  • Tourist visa

A tourist visa is only valid for 3 months and you will be forced to leave France on its expiration date.

  • Long term course

If you want to study more than three months in France you will have to apply for a long stay visa for studies with the French consular services before your departure. We recommend that you pre-register for our courses well in advance.

  • Study certificates

Upon receiving your pre-registration form we will issue you a certificate, necessary for your visa application. You will need to make a deposit depending on the duration of the course you have chosen.

  • Refusal of Visa

If your application for a visa is not accepted, your payment will be refunded except for the administrative enrolment fee.

  • Work in France

During your stay in France, you may have planned to work to finance your studies (20h00 per week maximum). The work regulations for foreign students in France varies according to their origins and the bilateral agreements that may exist. We will be able to inform you about your specific case.

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