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    With globalization

    With globalization, one might think that young people easily interact with other young people from different countries / cultures. Modern tools, sites, platforms, chat could encourage exchange.

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    Much different finding

    However direct observation leads to a very different observation.


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    Foreign adults

    Foreign adults are always curious to meet other people and will naturally welcome newcomers, ask them where they come from ... and get to know each other and often in a warm atmosphere. In a small structure, each newcomer is soon a member of the group and feels good. If outings are organized, he is invited and gradually widens his circle of relationships. We organize our welcome and conviviality towards this objective, which is achieved quite easily.

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    For the young

    But for young people things are more difficult. Most of them look in the group of young people from the same country and make no effort to reach out to others. On the contrary, they do everything they can to stay between compatriots. For example, a young person of nationality 'B' placed in a French course with young people from various countries but not of 'B' will ask to change the group on the pretext of a level problem or any other excuse.


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    Our objective

    Our objective is therefore, beyond proposing the learning of French, to promote exchange and sharing between young people who come from different countries.

    It seems fundamental to us to accept at a young age the principle of discovery of others, of curiosity, of sharing. When we see a young Tunisian making friends, Spanish, American, Vietnamese ... we are proud of this new experience that we allowed them to do. They do not know it but in a small corner of their memory they know that these 'strangers' are not that strange and that we think that a part of their values ​​in the future will be created around these meetings.

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    Franco-German friendship

    We know the success of the brilliant idea of ​​Franco-German friendship that worked so well in a single generation. At our modest level we want to implement a somewhat similar concept.


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    Young people also need to be entertained. By setting up sports and cultural activities in a fun and friendly atmosphere, they can discover themselves and their local environment.

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    Autonomy and responsibility

    Young people want to acquire autonomy and feel responsible (I am a young man, I know how to do it) but they also need to be supervised to be reassured at all times of the day by teachers, animators and families in their decision-making. Listening, orienting, helping, advising, reframing, communicating and ensuring security, physical, moral, emotional to allow each young person to find their place and grow, are therefore priorities.