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Inlingua, powerful tools, constantly updated


When it was created in 1968, inlingua found that the materials used in mainstream language learning weren't compatible with the school's teaching method. Since then, the database has constantly been updated with interesting and useful materials (over 500 references).

Teachers are always adding to their panoply of tools. Video is regularly used as a means of learning. Our participants are filmed during short presentations or mock company visits to become aware of points to be reinforced and progress to be made.

inlingua on line (iOL)

inlingua offers all its main learning materials online with inlingua on line (iOL). English, German, French, Spanish, Italian. iOL offers an open and varied environment:

  • Grammar revision and practice exercises.
  • Oral comprehension exercises
  • Links to exercises with news articles, online TV/videos and radio
  • Customizable avatar that reads any text to help with your pronunciation